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DAY 2, September 8th, 2018
15 00 • Salon of Excellence Conference,
at the BELGRADE WATERFRONT headquarters, in partnership with
Diplomacy & Commerce, presenting:
• Sartoria PANICO, presented by Antonio Panico, master tailor •
• BERNHARD ROETZEL, acclaimed book author •
• DUCAL, shoemaker, presented by Marialisa Sani,•
• MAROL, shirtmakers, presented by Bo Yang, •
• UGLYS, hand-made to order luggage, presented by Paolo Fabozzi,
• CHIVAS REGAL, presented by Ken Lindsay, International Brand Ambassador,
• Lanificio DRAGO, renowned cloth-makers from Biella,
• Princess Olga Romanoff, presenting her book A wild and Barefoot Romanov
17 00 • Salon of Excellence Exhibition at the BELGRADE WATERFRONT
headquarters, presenting luxury goods makers, supported by
• CHIVAS cocktail

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To book your place at this unique event or to participate with your classic car, please send an e-mail to alex@degorsi.comcom